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Glow job

Cheolmin Im
2018 | 80min 34sec | color | DCP | English subtitles


Screening schedule

Date Time Theater Information
2019.03.24(Sun) 20:30 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1
2019.03.27(Wed) 14:30 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1



During 1960-90s, several theaters and public spaces in Seoul and other cities, such as Pagoda theater, Keukdong theater, and Seongdong theater, had been appropriated as the crutial ‘cruising spot’ by male sexual minorities. Upon neoliberal development of techno-lifestyle, South Korea turns into the virtualized network society and the advent of internet and smart phone applications has led to take more private and anonymous way to meet each other for male sexual minorities than ever before. Now the main stage of cruising has moved from the physical spaces to the virtual fields. It seems there is no spatial validity as the Cruising Spot any longer.


Director's Statement

Glow Job is a multi-scaled project woven from bodies, movies, and cruising spaces focused on several theaters which have been vanishing or had already vanished in Seoul. This film attempts to find out how we can face left debris of history through movie, revealing the condensed and vanished past-space and simultaneously reconnecting it to the present. Glow Job is also a part of a ritualistic project performed inside and out of the screen.



Cheolmin Im
Secret Garden(2010), Golden Light(2011), PRISMA(2013), B-ing B-ing(2016), Glow job(2018)
<Secret Garden (2010)>
15th Indie Forum - New Works
The 4th Great Short Film Festival – Competition "Competition Award"
The 7th Busan International Video Festival - Competition
The 36th Seoul Independent Film Festival - Short Competition
Syracuse International Film Festival'11- Invitation to Competition

<Golden Light (2011)>
16th Indie Forum - Invitation
1st Anniversary of 1st IndiPlus Opening Film Festival - Invitation
9th Gyeongnam Independent Film Festival - Invitation

<PRISMA (2013)>
The 18th Indie Forum - New Works
The 10th Seoul International Experimental Film Festival - EX-Now (Competition) "Korean EXiS Award Winner"
The 13th Seoul International New Media Festival - Glocal propose (Competition)
The 5th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival - Beyond Documentary Section
The 39th Seoul Independent Film Festival - New Selection
The 14th indie Documentary Festival - New Works
Korean National Museum of Modern Art (MMCA) - DMZ Docs Special Exhibition (Thoughts on movie) 'Nonfiction Technologies'
20th Indie Forum - 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition

<B-ing B-ing (2016)>
XXX Multi-Screen Synchronized Music Video Screening with Part Time Suite, Moon Serin, Yoon Ho Lee, John Torres
The 16th Indy Documentary Festival - Forum Exhibition
The 21st Indie Forum - New Works
The 13th Seoul International Experimental Film Festival - EX-Now (Competition)
The 16th Seoul International New Media Festival - Glocal propose (Competition)
The 5th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival - Korean Documentary Showcase
10th Kyungnam Independent Film Festival - Special Exhibition
The 42nd Seoul Independent Film Festival - Competition
Korea National Museum of Contemporary Art (MMCA) Changdong Residency Exhibition & Open Studio -MMM Project Screening

<Glow job-Performance ver.(2017)>
ACC Incubating Young Performing Arts Creator Showcase


Producer     Cheol min Im  Sang sook Kim 
Cinematographer     Cheol min Im 
Editor     Cheol min Im 
    Ui seok Seong 
    Joo hyeon Kim  Jeong hwa Yoo  Seong hee Wee