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Arum Nam
2018 | 22min 25sec | color | DCP | English subtitles



Since my mother was working at the women's rights group, the field of feminism movement was my playground.
I grew up as a little feminist who cut her hair short and refused to wear skirts. However, as I got older I experienced things that made me run away from feminism.
Eventually, I decided to be a princess rather than a feminist, and started to stick to pink as a survival strategy. Could a person like me can be a feminist again?


Director's Statement

#METOO movement create a sensation, and feminism became a topic of conversation.
Suddenly, I got embarrassed to myself.
Why did I grow up as a woman like this?
From now on, I didn’t want to run away from feminism.
I want to talk about feminism in a way I could do.



Arum Nam
Born in 1995, South Korea. Studying at School of Flim, T.v& multimedia in Korea National University of Art .
2017/An Excuse/21min/Documentary/Director
20th Urban Flim Festival
2018 Seoul Independent Documentary Film & Video Festival


Producer     Nam A Rum 
Cinematographer     Nam A Rum 
Editor     Nam A Rum 
assistant director     Cho Hanna 


| dahye@postfin.co.kr