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A Corner Shop

Sukgyung Lee
2018 | 72min 57sec | color | DCP | No Subtitles


Screening schedule

Date Time Theater Information
2019.03.23(Sat) 20:30 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1
2019.03.27(Wed) 11:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 2



Picnic Cat is a social enterprise that makes and delivers lunchbox meals. It was set up eight years ago by resource-strapped youngsters and grownups to help young people who have opted out of the basic education system. From a small shop making monthly revenues of less than 10 million Korean Won in the spring of 2014, the business grew its revenue to more than 50 million Won in three years. What was happening to the folks working in Picnic Cat in those years? A Corner Shop is the story of how the individuals working in Picnic Cat oscillated between livelihood and humanhood as their shop grew up with them.


Director's Statement

I started shooting four years ago when the shop’s revenue and space were much smaller than now. Launched with the dream of becoming both a workplace and school for youngsters in the middle of a city marked by relentless competition, the shop looked somehow isolated and precarious. I was half afraid I might end up filming a story of its demise. But the shop didn't close down. Instead, its revenue actually increased almost fivefold. So was the shop now closer to its goal? Were the folks in the shop happier now that they were making more money? Over the past four years, as the folks in Picnic Cat struggled for balance between making a living and living humanly, I came face to face with the many questions that rose out of their dilemma. This film is an endeavor to share those questions.



Sukgyung Lee
Lee majored in Feminism and worked as a feminist arts and culture planner, TV personality and publisher before enrolling in the Korean Film Academy at the age of 45 to start a new life as a filmmaker. Her first feature film The Day After won the NETPAC Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2009, and her first feature-length documentary Wandering Stars received the Okrang Culture Award at the 14th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul. Lee also collaborated with fellow women filmmakers to plan and produce the omnibus film What to Say in 2014. She continues to cross over between fiction and documentaries as she experiments with feminist filmmaking methodologies. A Corner Shop is her third feature-length film.
2018 Directs documentary A Corner Shop
2013~2014 Plans and produces production workshop for second films
Plans, produces and distributes seven short- to medium-length films
2013 Directs short film Hearing (invited to Seoul Independent Film Festival, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival and others)
2012 Directs documentary Wandering Stars (wins Okrang Award at Seoul International Women’s Film Festival in 2011, invited to same festival as well as Incheon Women’s Film Festival, Busan Women’s Film Festival, LGBT Film Festival, Cinema Digital Seoul Festival, DMZ International Film Festival, Indie Forum and others)
2008 Directs The Day After (wins NETPAC Prize at Berlin International Film Festival, special mention at Pesaro Film Festival, Best New Actress Award from Busan Film Critics Association, screened at Gothenberg Film Festival, Taiwanese women’s film festival Women Make Waves, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival and others)
2007 Directs short film Once Again (screened at Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, Busan Asian Short Film Festival and others)


Producer     Kim Hyejung 
Cinematographer     Kim Gooyoung 
Editor     Lee Sukgyung