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Finally Endless

Ahram Choi
2018 | 32min 40sec | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles



When liberated from the Japanese colony the first thing that Koreans in Japan do was establish a Korean schools.
In 1948, however, the Japanese government ordered the shutdown of Korean schools. The Korean schools across the country vigorously resisted and even reached death.

Seventy years later, the Korean schools are fighting another battle with the Japanese government.
The Japanese government has exclusively excluded the 'high school diploma system', which makes tuition fees for all high schools including foreign schools free, only the Korean schools
Therefore, students and parents of Korean schools are filing lawsuits with the Japanese government, saying they are unfair discrimination.

Osaka Korean school, which won the first trial, is now facing the second trial.


Director's Statement

How is the memory of the group connected and reproduced in the present
History makes people or people make history
Exclusion and discrimination can make people harder



Ahram Choi
Belongs to 'Docu cow'
Makes media activities based on online and makes documentaries.
<Counting stars at night in Garibong> (2015)
25min documentary

2016 Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival
2016 KBS1 Open Channel
2016 Migrant World Film Festival
2016 International Urban Film Festival
2017 Suwon Migrant Film Festival


Producer     Choi Ahram 
Cinematographer     Choi Ahram 
Editor     Choi Ahram