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How to stop being Korean

Kearnhyung Ahn
2018 | 120min | B&W | DCP | Korean Subtitles


Screening schedule

Date Time Theater Information
2019.03.23(Sat) 15:30 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1
2019.03.26(Tue) 11:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 2



'How to stop being Korean' is a fake documentary. The audio comes from 'The Voice of Opportunity', the pirate radio channel by 'The Opportunist Peninsula Union Central Committee'. It tells the history of opportunitism in Korea, that is just the history of Korea.


Director's Statement

'How to stop being Korean' deals with the phenomenon of Korean nationalism represented by the “Taegeukgi Rally.” By tracing back the historical roots of this phenomenon, the work portrays the contemporary lives of Korean people. The director thinks that if a specific group shares common history within itself, any incident that is presumed to be exceptional within the group is, in fact, not an exceptional incident but a representative one that, thus, becomes an indication of the whole group. He has also dealt with the lives of the periphery. The periphery is a space in which the its own geographical characteristics are covered by the histories of the center. The relationship between these geographical and regional traits and historiography is a metaphor for the film.



Kearnhyung Ahn
Kearn-Hyung Ahn produces non-fiction films.
<How to stop being Korean> (2018)
Seoul Mediacity Biennale 2018
SeMA-Hana Media Art Award

<Audio-Visual Film Critique: Lines of Liberty> (2015)
<With this thou wilt not perish> (2014)
<Out of the cave> (2011)
<House of the freshness> (2008)


Producer     Ahn Kearn-Hyung 
Cinematographer     Yoon Kwan-Hee 
Editor     Ahn Kearn-Hyung 
voice     Yeo Un-Gyu  Kim Min-Ji