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Seoyoon Choi
2018 | 33min 50sec | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles



I and my friends had some trouble with landlords. That's why I get angry when I hear the story of bad landlords. The news that a son of the owner of building, rapper, had called a female renter to 'AJUMMA' and the other day wrote sexual harassment lyrics made me furious. It drove me to rap. A rap about mangwon 'CHAMPLOO' and seochon 'GUNGJUNG-JOKBAL'.


Director's Statement

In Republic of Korea, social tragedies related to real estate often occur. I have some questions. Is the claim on the land and buildings more important than the exist of actually work there? Is it reasonable for renters to be kicked out without any compensation even though the place has become valuable with their efforts? Is it right to preserve property rights above everything else? What is justice?
I made this documentary with a hope that it would be able to create a better system and culture if there were many members of society with this problem consciousness. I hope that audiences who watch it will laugh together, be angry together, and take the power doing something for society.
I do not want to live in a society where the weak are ruined and their own share is taken away.



Seoyoon Choi
No need in rap more.
<CINE 101>(2016)
invitation to 19th SEOUL International Women's Film Festival


Producer     CHOI SEOYOON 
Cinematographer     CHOI SEOYOON  KIM EUNHWA