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Changhyeon Moon
2018 | 95min 16sec | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles | English subtitles



Gipeusil, the town where my grandmother lives, is changing due to the construction of Yeongju Dam as a part of the Four Major River Project. There are only about a dozen houses left in Gipeusil where time seems to have stopped. While the moving date is postponed endlessly, the villagers see their neighbors off and continue to make their living on this torn-apart land. Amongst the villagers, Gipeusil portrays how the town gets emptied and how the devastation in people’s hearts grows. While observing the town and the minds sinking into the dark water, I take out the memories that were hidden inside me.


Director's Statement

How are we going to document and remember those that are disappearing due to national projects and are suffering from the violence created by the country? I struggle with the camera to find the answer to this question since I started filming documentaries.
Gipeusil, where my grandmother used to live, is a place where the winding river creates one of the deepest rapids. Our memories also wind down to the darkness unless we are conscious and eager to remember. The violence of the country and the brutal history repeat because we forget. The role of a documentary film is to record, remember, and rebel against the repetition of such cruel history. Gipeusil is my first journey to resist and remember the country’s wrongful policies by documenting the town that was about to disappear.



Changhyeon Moon
Changhyeon Moon is a member of Ozifilm, an independent documentary filmmaking community. She is a documentary filmmaker who loves to dance, and wishes to make documentary films resonating with her whole rhythm.
2013 / Between Me and I / 33min / Director, Editing


Producer     Park Baeil 
Cinematographer     Moon Changhyeon  Kim Jumi  Park Baeil  Lee Seunghun  Joo Kangmin 
Editor     Moon Changhyeon  Park Baeil 
Music     Noh Gal 


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