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The Strangers

Sohee Myoung
2018 | 80min 56sec | color | DCP | English subtitles


Screening schedule

Date Time Theater Information
2019.03.21(Thu) 19:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1
2019.03.23(Sat) 13:30 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1
2019.03.25(Mon) 11:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1



I always have nightmares in autumn. Desperate to shake them off, I thought of home and went to see my mom who remains hard-working as always, and my hometown, Chuncheon, which is not the same. I recapture our family portrait in vanishing memories and spaces.


Director's Statement

It was autumn of 2012 when I first started this film. I just took my camera and decided to record my mom, while I still had no clue to why I should tell her story. I evaded answering to such question, thinking myself that ‘I just have some things to ask her’. Actually, I deeply wanted her consolation though I had avoided and ignored my mom for a long time. After hearing the story of that day for about an hour, I was told by my mom that ‘Let us forget’. Tears came out in agony. I was helpless because I understood my mom and, at the same time, was never able to understand her. Are we really destined to be hurt and hate each other?



Sohee Myoung
So-hee Myoung began making documentary films by chance in 2011 and continues to do so today. While working as the assistant director on How to Become a Chair (2014), she revisited “me and my mom’s story,” which she had given up two years earlier. Hence began a long “visit” (The Strangers literal translation) in Chuncheon.
2015 / 24 / 37min / Directing


Producer     Kim Ilkwon 
Cinematographer     Myoung Sohee  Kim Byounggoo 
Editor     Myoung Sohee 
Music     Twomyoung 


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