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Han Jeong
2018 | 11min 00sec | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles



On April 2, 2017, the fifth highest tower in the world presented splendid fireworks before the building’s opening. A huge crowd of over 400,000 gathered to see the spectacle, and everyone held up their smartphone to capture the moment. Some exclaimed in awe, while others worried about someone else far away. The 4 billion Korean won-worth of fireworks lasted for 11 minutes.


Director's Statement

Phantoms left among explosion, disappearance, and records.



Han Jeong
I create films that pay attention to where the light and darkness coexist.
*Filmography (영문)
A Room of One's Own (2018)
-SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival
-Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival
-Daejeon Independent Film & Video Festival
-Ansan Dan-won International Cultural Art & Film Festival

Firework (2018)
-EBS International Documentary Festival (awarded Excellence Award in the mobile category)
-Seoul Independent Documentary Film Festival


Producer     JEONG-HAN 
Cinematographer     JEONG-HAN 
Editor     JEONG-HAN