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A War of Memories

Bora Leekil
2018 | 88min | color | DCP | Korean Subtitles | English subtitles


Screening schedule

Date Time Theater Information
2019.03.22(Fir) 17:30 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1
2019.03.25(Mon) 20:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 2



During the Vietnam War, the Korean army massacred an entire village. A few survivors spoke out, revealing what really happened that day but their statement still hangs in the air, unrecognized officially. The memory of the war becomes a war of memories.


Director's Statement

My grandfather was a Korean soldier during the Vietnam War. He suffered from a cancer caused by Agent Orange and died in 2011. He didn’t say much about the war. When I met our protagonist, Thahn who lost her family to the massacre, she treated me like her daughter even after I told her my grandfather was a Korean soldier. I felt confused and guilty. I didn’t know how to feel and think about it. It made me want to understand what really happened during the war. That’s why I started to make this film. I hope that this film will pay tribute to the Vietnamese families who suffered from the massacre. But more so, I hope this film can spark a conversation with the people like me who don’t know about the massacre and who don’t know about how to feel about it.



Bora Leekil
Bora Lee-Kil is a writer and filmmaker who believes that being born to and raised by her deaf parents have given her the best gift of storytelling. Her first feature film, (2014), an outcome of a two-year-long production, is an award-winning documentary based on the stories told by her and her younger brother, who both grew up moving back and forth between two worlds – one in silence and the other of sounds. Her very recent work, is a documentary film about the massacre committed by Korean military during the Vietnam War. It was premiered in 2018 Busan International Film Festival and got the special mention. She currently studies in her master’s degree in the Netherland Film Academy.
Road-Schooler 2008|44 min|Documentary|Director, Producer, Editor
2008 The 8th Korea Youth Media Festival – Competition / Audience Award (Korea)
2009 The 11th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul - I-TEENS (Korea)

Glittering Hands 2014|80 min|Documentary|Director, Producer, Editor 
2014 The 15th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul - Okrang Award & Audience Award(Korea)
2014 The 15th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival - Competition / Grand Prize (Korea)
2014 The 11th EBS International Documentary Film Festival - Festival Choice(Korea)
2014 The 6th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival - Korean Docs Showcase (Korea)
2014 The 40th Seoul Independent Film Festival - New Choice (Korea)
2015 Shanghai TV Festival _ STVF Magnolia Awards nominated (China)
2015 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival – New Asian Current –Special comment (Japan)


Producer     Sona Jo  Saerom Suh  
Cinematographer     Sojin Kwak 
Editor     Patrick Minks  Bora Lee-Kil  Nari Kim