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oh, love

Eungsu Kim
2018 | 75min 15sec | Color+B&W | DCP | No Subtitles


Screening schedule

Date Time Theater Information
2019.03.26(Tue) 19:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1
2019.03.28(Thu) 15:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1



J is a middle aged guy who runs a small computer shop in a small town. In a parents day, he has a special experience, which he sees a yellow carnation on the chest of a man sitting next him on the bus during his trip. Besides the question who the man is, the flower reminds him of the memory he want to forget. The flower makes him uncomfortable again and again. It reminds him of the tragic of Sewol ferry he only heard from mass media reports. Surprising him more is that he sheds tears unwittingly. ‘I have no concern with him.’ After his trip, he sticks the yellow ribbon on his shop because he can’t forget images of the man. Somebody threat him to break off business relation unless he remove the yellow ribbon. He refuses to remove it though.
One day, he visits Sewol Memorial Forest and the tragic place of Sewol ferry with his son. No visitors there without them and he can see ribbons, pictures and letters which remember victims. He stands there with his son and asks himself. ‘Many years has gone by and everyone seem to forget the tragic. But why isn’t the tragic forgot? When the politics ostracizes the man, what can he, as a human living in the same world, do for him?’


Director's Statement

The society where substituting myself, podcasts and newscasters resent and grieve.



Eungsu Kim
Born in Chungju and majored in psychology in Seoul National University, before directing film dramas, Time Lasts in 1996, Desire in 2002, and Way to go, Rose in 2005. In 2006, sought to dissolve the movies' two-ways and borders while making Heavenly path, which explored the border between drama and documentary. The Past is a Strange Country (2008, docu), The Origin of Water (2010, drama), Without Father(2012, docu), The City in the Water(2014, docu), and Woo-kyung(2017, drama, being in the latter half production stage) are the results of that exploration. The Journey to OKJU is the fourth documentary.
<time lasts>(1997)
<way to go, rose>(2005)
<heavenly path>(2006)
<the past is a strange country>(2008)
<the origin of water>(2010)
<without father>(2012)
<the city in the water>(2014)
<okju gihaeng>(2016)
<the real>(2018)
<oh, love>(2018)
<mountain rily>(2018)


Producer     kim eungsu 
Cinematographer     kim eungsu  jeon hosik 
Editor     kim baekjun 
producer     bak kiung