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mountain rily

Eungsu Kim
2018 | 73min 35sec | Color+B&W | DCP | No Subtitles


Screening schedule

Date Time Theater Information
2019.03.22(Fir) 12:00 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1
2019.03.26(Tue) 17:30 Lotte Cinema Hongik Univ 1



The hill lily is bloomed in front of the black cave, at the deep mountain. The red hill lily in the green forest is chilling. She beckons us to come and see her for understanding peace. But the road to her is just not comfortable. Although interviewing with North Korea analyst, imitating event of South and North Korean summits at Panmunjeom, and watching North Korea-United States Singapore Summit, I am still feeling that peace is always not cleared and familiar. Wish is intense but cannot be touched. It always returns and faces the wall called anti-communism. No matter how we gaze far away, it should obstruct our view. The 70 years wait! The hill lily says, ‘Don’t look away, look nearby.’, ‘Loot at the half sacrificed by anti-communism ideology.’, ‘I am your scar.’, ‘If you can’t accept me, you should not wish the coexistence with North Korea.’ From this realization, peace could start to come.


Director's Statement

The peace told by Yeongsang Yun is somewhat different from the peace told by other analysts. And this makes widely difference. ‘How to get over anti-communism ideology, which has overwhelmed us for about 70 years’ Whenever you watch peace analysts discussing on TV with this issue, you can see the irony that they tell the peace on the base of anti-communism ideology. I claim that it is seriously wrong.



Eungsu Kim
Born in Chungju and majored in psychology in Seoul National University, before directing film dramas, Time Lasts in 1996, Desire in 2002, and Way to go, Rose in 2005. In 2006, sought to dissolve the movies' two-ways and borders while making Heavenly path, which explored the border between drama and documentary. The Past is a Strange Country (2008, docu), The Origin of Water (2010, drama), Without Father(2012, docu), The City in the Water(2014, docu), and Woo-kyung(2017, drama, being in the latter half production stage) are the results of that exploration. The Journey to OKJU is the fourth documentary.
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Producer     yun jeongkyu 
Cinematographer     kim eungsu 
Editor     kim baekjun 
cast     yun youngsang